Facebook changes policy for ads on the network



Facebook Inc. has announced in a new statement on the closure of the service “categories of partners” or ” Partner Categories” which allows corporate advertisers to benefit from the services of the third party to choose the target audience in their advertisements.

It was a Facebook offer the facility for third-party applications from partners to collect data from users and evaluation of corporate advertisers to target the audience better and achieve better results -such as the Oracle Data Cloud وExperian, but after the recent scandal that rocked the company because of third-party apps, they started a comprehensive Privacy Policy.

She said Facebook she is seeking through this step to improve user privacy on the network, although it is considered common these days.

Operates the largest social network in the world to re-establish stability by maintaining the privacy of users better than the previous, and after that the company suffered dramatically from the users deleted their accounts in the last few days.


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