Facebook choose a feature that allows the participation of events on the story

فيسبوك تختبر ميزة تتيح مشاركة الأحداث والفعاليات على القصة

Find a feature story on Instagram where they sought much higher among the young than the mother network Facebook, which makes Facebook work on improving it through new advantages; the company began testing a new feature to allow the participation events within the story and allow friends to interact with.

According to the publication site TechCrunch, it will feature work on the show “share the story” when a user visits the page with the effectiveness or specific event on Facebook, when the user watching the event the sticker will appear in the story explains the details of the event as soon as you click and can go to event page also, as that water will be the appearance of the icon called Friends pressure them in case they are interested in going to the agreement between them.

Hopes Facebook through a new feature to attract the attention of young people, have begun to extensively tested globally before the official launch, but as it turned out the water was worth the small price for the testing process also.

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