Facebook choose a property cancel the transmission to delete the messages from both parties

فيسبوك تختبر خاصية إلغاء الإرسال لحذف الرسائل من كلا الطرفين

At the current time, the user can delete messages sent via Messenger to one of your contacts, but from one party, the sender, the message remains present in the future and can’t delete them, earlier I thought Facebook include messages its executive director of both parties in secret, which raised the ire of a lot about how serious the abuse Facebook and its users ‘ data, and pay Facebook for advertising in the April financial plan to allow a property cancel the transmission to all users, to come and shed light on the new property to be launched by website Techcrunch.

Has made clear, the chancellor and the minister met Jan Wong for a property not send over a tweet to her, carried the image of the company showing the message pertaining to the subject of delete old messages from conversations Messenger, as explained Wong, the mechanism of action of the property when the committee to select the message shows the option to cancel sending the top option to delete the message, where in case you choose to cancel the transmitter a confirmation message will appear stating that if approved, will delete the conversation from both sides as shown in the picture:

As noted by Techcrunch that the characteristic cancellation of the transmitter will have a time limit to do, similar to what is followed from a system of thirty seconds with e-mail messages Friday for ” Undo Send” but never given time for the new property, has confirmed the official spokesperson of the Facebook for conducting their tests internally the property prior to its launch to the public in order to ensure efficiency.

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