Facebook choose ads video within the story

Feature allows stories to facebook Facebook Stories, and copied from the application snapchat, users to post images or short video clips disappear after 24 hours of publication.

During the month of March 2017, has launched a Facebook feature story, Facebook Stories, and now, after a lapse of 14 months at all, published the social network updated information about the service, so that explained the number of its daily active users of about 150 million, making it a direct competitor to feature a story in snapchat, in addition to stories Instagram also owned by Facebook and has 300 million active users.

Seems to date to achieve service, financial returns may come, as explained to facebook that the story will now begin testing the first advertising film equal in the United States, Mexico and Brazil, so that the duration of the video clip advertising disposable between 5 and 15 seconds, without the advantage of the procedures accompanying the clip at the current time.

It is supposed to save Facebook metrics and Statistics additional companies to show performance of the story, and convince them that the water use value of paid advertising, according to the company, the feature story will surpass sometime in the next year published posts within the news feed, as a better way to participate.

According to the information the needed feature in WhatsApp has nearly 450 million users a day out of about 1.5 million monthly users to develop WhatsApp, while the stories Instagram has 300 million users a day out of more than 800 million monthly users of the product, the stories of Facebook gesture has 150 million users per day out of 2.2 million monthly users social network.

As the numbers indicate possession stories Messenger Messenger Day up to 70 million users per day out of 1.3 million monthly users for the Messaging, without having specific numbers to use the stories feature in snapchat application, which has 191 million users a day.

It should be noted the measurement of a feature story within the Instagram ads video with the arrival of a number of water users to 150 million users, so that they managed to reach this number after only five months on its launch, while it took advantage of the stories of Facebook a period of 14 months to reach the same figure.


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