Facebook choose advantage of group viewing of the videos

Facebook introduces Watch Party

Facebook introduces Watch Party

Started Facebook choose a new feature in groups allows more than one person in the group to see with any video in uploaded on Facebook such as episodes of soap operas and live streaming of matches and other.

New feature called Watch Party aims for Facebook to increase interaction between users and friends and gather them together to spend time fun where they can comment and interact within the video.

Start can water managers community of the posting of any video within the group ( later will have the scheduling feature ), and then will the members of the group and on the group page parents to watch, you’ll see your friends and members of the other group who are watching with you.

Can insert more of the video to be run sequentially, if you use your smart phone will appear Comments The design of all does not live viewing.

It is worth mentioning that other services such as the Xbox since the days of the XBOX 360 allows friends watch movies and TV series Netflix with.


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