Facebook choose e-payment in India



The efforts of Facebook to diversify their sources of income is not New, we saw it did with Instagram to rely on new methods of non-ads, and she will do the same thing with its social network began testing a payment through the app or website in India for buying products through the App Store.

In fact, make Facebook currently services the transfer of funds between users via the application Messenger in several countries around the world, but it now hosts one of the largest and most important States in the e-commerce will be considered in the purchase of products and payments.

Use Facebook To of payable of the consolidated government launched by India and private banks and government to facilitate the transfer of funds, and transfer between accounts for free and immediate, as developers can companies integrate this portal with its services and applications and their location for free, which is what you do Facebook.

The department store in Facebook users to buy and sell new and used products with a description about her and her voice where it provides Facebook properties advanced search to sort results Add to the large number of classifications for ease of browsing products.

Electronic payment in India with an interesting topic too much Facebook had already started testing it with WhatsApp also.

It is expected that the volume of financial transactions digital via smart phones in India to a trillion dollars over the next five years, and of course seeking American companies to book its share of them.


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