Facebook choose service news officially via a special section

Started Facebook shows the icon of the section, especially through the application of its official some users know through their news one of the most respected media and various interest groups.

Called the new service simply Facebook News available for a few thousand users within the United States only currently, and the news from newspapers, websites, famous American such as the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg and BuzzFeed.

The company disclosed that it would pay fees to finance some of the media to publish their content within a service. Will Facebook’s human editors to choose and assemble the news to view it as you do Apple TV with app our news.

And the service department called Today’s Stories presents the highlights of the developments during the day and important events only, and, as usual, provides Facebook the ability to customize the section to reflect the news of the areas that matter to you just as business or sports away from politics, entertainment and the like.

I didn’t reveal Facebook on the number of media and websites participating in the service, but stated that they add more periodically. And download appropriate between General News Global and local or by topic of interest.

And, of course, put Facebook a set of restrictions and guidelines that must be on the media adhered to even include their content in the service of the most important non published content of the polygon and hate speech.

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