Facebook choose the feature to publish stories Instagram in WhatsApp directly

The new feature allows users to publish stories Instagram that includes photos, videos and GIFs directly in WhatsApp.

In 2013 launched the application snapchat feature “story,” and the success of the water many social media platforms to provide their own version of it, including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and even Microsoft, which is trying to bring its own version to the Skype application.

And now appears a new report on the website TechCrunch confirms that Instagram is cooperating with a limited number of users in Brazil to test a new feature, so this feature allows you to share stories Instagram in WhatsApp directly steps are very simple.

According to the image which was shared via microblogging position br, The click on the button “Your Story” within Instagram displays the icon of the WhatsApp with the option to add your account details so you can later share any stories Instagram directly with the feature present in WhatsApp.

When you use this feature, the posts that are posted in the case of WhatsApp, which disappear after 24 hours, you will know the logo of Instagram in the lower right corner.

In the case of the Instagram development of future water and put it up for all users it is more likely to be able to the user to create one story on Instagram and then share them in WhatsApp and Facebook user, making things much easier for people who use all of those platforms.


Source: Facebook choose the feature to publish stories Instagram in WhatsApp directly

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