Facebook choose the form of advertising a new bootable gaming experience

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Started the social platform Facebook is testing the form of a new ad that is interoperable with a few dozen developers of the games, so the aim of this style of advertising to allow users to experience the game the game pre-installed and help in attracting more of the operations of the installation, and the region to learn more about this form of advertising during the events of the conference, F8 2018 to be held in the first and second day of the month of May in the city of San Jose in California.

The plan is to publish the figure advertising the new widely across the succession of news feed to facebook and to all advertisers later this year, noted Kelly McLean, Director of brand videos in Facebook’s “developers of the games are the leaders in the field of digital technology, and the people experience the games before purchase, that’s why we work with your marketing of apps and games to test the form of a new ad bootable in the mixer feeding the latest news, which allows people to play the game before you install the application”.

Added Kelly, “we believe that this creates better options for people when they interact with the app install ads, can companies better opportunities to get more installs”, and it seems that two of the games developers who chose ads playable in the demo version they have positive experiences, as explained by someone has to figure advertising the new applications bootable led to the rate-three times higher, and cost less per to install by 25 percent.

While said Tatiana bogatyreva, responsible for the acquisition of users within company games Gram Games, the figure advertising the new bootable exceeded in terms of performance videos in relation to the interaction of the users and measure the return on investment, with the increase in the proceeds of advertising expenditures by 25 to 30 percent on the video after a few improvements and adaptation processes of the creative.

Explained Facebook that the growth of video, especially on mobile devices, is the primary engine behind the figure advertising the new bootable, where the expenditure on the advertising video on the product more than half of the spending on ads applications within Facebook through 2017, and their giant social media I think will be the key to making video advertising more successful.

He referred the house to the study Wyzowl , which found that 79 percent of consumers prefer to watch a video clip for a product rather than read the text on the page, andthe study of Magna which found that consumers spend more time by 47 percent in the share of interactive video ads compared to ads video non-interactive.

And switched to facebook in this research, besides the fact that advertisers were demanding more ways to provide experiences compelling video in app install campaigns, to figure advertising the new bootable, so that users get a better idea about whether they want to play a game before installation, while the developers of the games more installations and greater value from the app ads on Facebook.

Facebook choose the form of advertising a new bootable gaming experience

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