Facebook choose to chat to their application without Messenger

Five years ago taken Facebook step bothered by the hundreds of millions of users by forcing them to download the application Messenger to communicate with their friends, today on what looks like it may go back on this decision and allow chat through the Facebook app itself without the need to Messenger.

Published researcher in the field of reverse engineering Jane Manchun Wong a screen shot showing the work of the chat function through the Facebook application directly by clicking on the icon well-known in the top right of the app, which now operates as a button to choose to open your Messenger or download it.

Currently chat through the Facebook app itself works advantages Main only, so if you want to put the interaction on the message, a voice call or video, send pictures and other more usual in the chat software, you have to download or use the application Messenger official.

We don’t know yet if this restriction is temporary pending the outcome of the Facebook everything and its development later, or it will continue like this so that the basic communication of text messages available without the need for OpenVPN, if you want the properties of the more you have to use a custom app for it.

Worth noting that Mark Zuckerberg justified then read Facebook forcing users to rely on a separate app to chat, that the addition of new features requires a lot of steps to put it in the application of the social network itself, so there is a good reason to do it via the standalone application, one month after the decision of the coercion, acquired on WhatsApp!.

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