Facebook choose to publish stories from website


Seek Facebook in every possible way to push users to use the service of a story on its site and application, and now choose the possibility of lifting the story from the web version through your computer directly instead of the need for a smartphone.

Running water is similar to raise a photo or video of your personal account from the computer through the box to create a publication, you can also capture image through camera to the computer if you don’t want to put a photo or video from your device.

Through the photos available to us it seems that there are no tools to improve the story, like add filters, effects, text, and we hope that this will be just the beginning of the test because these elements are essential to the user experience.

Conducted Facebook a lot of adjustments over the past ten months since the launch of the feature story for the first time the design of the site and display them prominently or provide stories to the newspapers, and even by allowing the publication of the story of Instagram direct, all in order to encourage users to try it and addiction, but did not succeed until now, this hate with stories of WhatsApp and the story of Messenger, unlike the stories of Instagram, which was most popular in spite of the small number of users compared to the note buyers.

Anyway, I don’t think that making available the stories of Facebook through the Web Site any publication through the website will make any appreciable difference where that the majority of Facebook users rely on smart phones that didn’t work there to attract them.

Instead of all this burden, let’s think about Facebook one day to publish pictures and videos – no problem with the story – on the Instagram website.


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