Facebook choose to remove notifications for content not readable within the app

فيس بوك تختبر إزالة إشعارات المحتوى غير المقروء داخل التطبيقFacebook choose to remove notifications for content not readable within the app

Notifications don’t have some obsession to get rid of the red circle inside the number of unread items, Facebook choose the possibility to get rid of them ( notices the content ) in some sections applied to the least.

The index may be the number of requests for new friendship important for you, but you rarely bother with new videos published on the Department of Watch, or new publications in the communities which follow through the collections department, so the survival of the red circle that’s Inside No. will draws your attention and makes you enter it.

Currently Facebook choose a new feature within an application by the official and at the level of the world, through those waters to the user to identify any sections that do not want to appear, not the number of the contents of unread where the to get rid of that red circle next to them.

According to the leaked images, the water supports the sections, groups, store, profile, the menu, the sections of the semi-minor in-app compared to notices of new publications, or new interactions, as well as many friends.

Water will be available later the police launched officially on Android and iOS, which will tell you more inconvenience to the visual, the endless warnings neglected for months or years.

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