Facebook confirms include a mechanism to collect data, calls and messages

Over the weekend, one of the Facebook users named Dylan McKay download archive all his data on the social network and found that the website was keep records for the extender for calls, texts and that he changed it on the own Android phone.

The report from the website Ars Technica conclusions of the McKay after a short period, it was stated that apps Facebook for Android keeps a record of the names of the people who called them, text messages that have been exchanged and the duration of the continuation of the conversation and the phone number of the other party, etc.

Following this the growing concerns about privacy in Facebook to their highest level in response to the reports issued, the site published a Vespa blog via his official confirmation in it he stated that he did not do anything without permission.

The user when you download and run Apps the company for the first time on the set of permissions that allow applications to access the data calls and text messages so keep them coming.

The company added that it’s about my app, Messenger, Facebook Lite, which depend on the service enables users to make the Messaging app to be the essential app for messages and calls on your phone this type of application Vogue on the Android operating system and is not limited to facebook.

She said that this property is optional to facilitate the process of communication and data that are saved remain secure and is not sold or used for other purposes, provides Facebook tool to see which contacts have been uploaded to Messenger, which you can access here (link).

 It should be noted that the operating system iOS does not allow this type of access to data, calls and text messaging without specific authorization, this means that users of iPhone are not meant for this problem and they are safe from access Facebook to their data.

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