Facebook confirms intention to launch a satellite for the internet in the year 2019


Facebook was working on a project to provide Internet with drones in remote areas. However, the company decided recently to stop this project confirmed that it will design and manufacture its own drones. Said Facebook that this project was not necessary when you say ” leading companies ” in the field of aviation to develop solutions to their high-rise for this purpose. As a result, Facebook has decided to now walk in a different direction by launching a satellite the internet.

After the public disclosure of certain electronic communications Committee Federal Communications FCC, confirmed the company Facebook officially for the Wired she develops a satellite Internet called Athena which is planning to launch it sometime during the next year.

Didn’t the spokesman on behalf of the company any additional details about the satellite, but the area that used Facebook in order to withhold the levels of FCC reported that the satellite aims to provide Internet access in areas ” unserved and the court“, and it would be in the task of ” limited duration “.

What this means is that there is likely to be the experience in the beginning instead of all full because Internet through the satellite low-orbit will require a great cloud of satellites to provide great coverage. However, all of this demonstrates that Facebook did not give up on its ambitions to bring the Internet to Remote areas on the planet. She just decided to change the way that you will use to do this.


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