Facebook confirms it is developing a new satellite Internet

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فيسبوك تؤكد أنها تطور قمر صناعي جديد للإنترنت

The company stressed that Facebook they work on the development of a new satellite service, according to a new report published by Wired magazine, where the optical fiber serves as the best standard to connect to the internet, but installation may be expensive and difficult in some parts of the world, which affects a large number of persons who do not possess access to the internet, it is believed a large number of companies that the best way to win half of the inhabitants of the earth who still suffer from the lack of direction is the launch of small satellites in low Earth orbits at a distance of about 100 to 1250 miles above the earth.

And report information to the assurances of the company itself along with emails obtained from the Federal Communications Commission, where these messages appear to social network seeking early in the year 2019 to launch a satellite dedicated Internet named Athena Athena, designed to provide broad access to the Internet with high efficiency in underserved areas which suffer from a lack of Internet in all over the world, according to the request of the social network, which was submitted to the Federal Communications Commission under the name of PointView Tech LLC.

And Facebook via our current plan is to space company SpaceX SpaceX affiliate entrepreneur Elon musk Elon Musk, the company Wen it seems OneWeb, backed by SoftBank Corp. Softbank, which is working on similar projects, where he launched SpaceX in the month of February last the first two satellites of the project starlink Starlink, a project to develop a range of satellites to deliver the internet in low cost and high performance with the use of devices to send and receive ground to implement a new system to connect via the internet.

Confirm the emails, which date back to July 2016, the story published by the website of the IEEE Spectrum in May, which used public records to check that Facebook has begun a project to the internet via satellite, illustrate the new information details of meetings between officials of the Federal Communications Commission, lawyers of Facebook, Inc. specialized in representing clients before government agencies.

Confirmed company Facebook developed to watch satellite named Athena, a company spokesman said in a statement: “we do not have current information to share about specific projects, but we believe that satellite technology will be an important factor that can run the next generation of infrastructure for internet broadband, this technology is based on providing broadband connection to rural areas where Internet connectivity does not exist”.

The plan seems to Facebook to launch a new satellite Internet ambitious, but it is not of a personal nature, where the company expressed long ago expressed their interest in linking billions of people around the world who don’t have access to Internet connection High-quality.

Andannounced the social network in 2013 about the initiative Internet.org, an initiative of a large multi-part designed to connect that Internet to offline areas, and offers the program “the basics of the free” Free Basics free access to some websites, including Facebook, for people in more than 60 countries, but complained of the critics of that program have created the Internet with two levels, exacerbating the digital divide between developed and developing countries, andIndia has in the year 2016 grant program.

Include directly Internet.org also the so-called lab contact Connectivity Lab, a research group to develop new technology to facilitate access to the Internet, including satellite, where he launched the lab in 2016 a satellite designed to provide Internet to Africa through the rocket SpaceX, but the destruction of the satellite when the rocket exploded, which was due to be launched within the transfer orbit synchronous with the earth, which orbit much higher than the Satellite’s orbit current which Facebook developed.

As the police spent the years in the development of Aquila Aquila, an unmanned solar-powered and designed to deliver Internet to earth, but announced last month it will no longer build aircraft as part of the project, although it continues to develop related technology, such as software.

And Athena is currently just a research project, but if you try Facebook to build a whole network of satellites in the future, it is likely to face many challenges, as unlike large satellites, small satellites with low-Earth orbit Using Networks of hundreds or thousands of satellites in order to be effective, which increases the cost, which is the main challenge for internet via satellite is the ability to bear the costs.

As the company is facebook and X are far from the first group of companies launching satellites for the Internet of low-Earth orbit, where the company tried to Teledesic funded by Bill Gates to do the same thing in the nineties, but they have encountered setbacks and goes bankrupt, there are also other companies that tried to implement similar projects such as Iridium Iridium Globalstar Globalstar, but faced the same fate.

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