Facebook confirms its working to produce a system of enhanced reality in the coming period

Facebook periodically in investment in all technical fields, particularly focused in recent times on the fields of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, to this market reality glasses the other away from the default that entered it with the Oculus, where the company confirmed on the lips of the director of the Department of augmented reality in you keeper on their already working on the production system for enhanced reality.

Wherein said keeper to TechCrunch in response to a question about work to produce the glasses; they actually say they built, and they are moving forward in making it real and bring it to the ground, seems to be the current step of Facebook come according to the statements of its executive director 2016 being the system actually think the goal of Facebook in the next ten years in the access for a virtual reality enhanced with Look glasses natural.

In the crises that struck in the Facebook issues hack and exploit users ‘ data or what can be with in the protection mode the data of the information network users, the loss of a lot of them confidence by the social; it will undoubtedly be a hindrance in their desire of owning the device it will be their data can be breached or leaked at any time, and maybe the evidence for that is your Facebook Portal, which triggered a wave of stop users catching modest last as compared with similar devices in the market.

Perhaps this announcement from Facebook as an illustration of the departure of co-founder of Oculus days before because of the abolition of the draft system of the virtual reality of the second generation, this apparently was to focus on the system of augmented reality.

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