Facebook consists of the largest financial penalty as punishment for the scandals of violation of privacy!

Trade Commission announced federal today that it reached a settlement with Facebook under which it will pay Facebook a fine estimated at $ 5 billion following the scandal of the Cambridge unit has been in violation of the data of millions users and use it for political purposes.

فيسبوك يتكبد أكبر غرامة مالية عقاباً على فضائح انتهاك الخصوصية!Facebook consists of the largest financial penalty as punishment for the scandals of violation of privacy!

Think this is the biggest financial penalties decided by the trade committee of the federal towards the company technique. The Cambridge unit is a company engaged in the field of digital data has access to the data, 87 million Facebook users through the application of a fake.

Users ‘ data has been misused and employed for political purposes during the presidential elections of America in 2016 before the discovery of the scandal by a year and a half and open an investigation and interrogate the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in front of the US Congress.

Facebook had already paid part of the fine past the beginning of this year, led by $ 3 billion, and with the decision of the commission trade Federal the latter will be forced to pay a million dollars extra.

This fine will be recorded in the records of the committee on commercial federal as the largest fine by $ 5 billion for the second place we can find – by far – the fine paid by Google in 2012 worth $ 22.5 million only!

Think the Cambridge unit is only one of dozens of scandals, violation of privacy, which affected Facebook users, prompting the latter to change of policies to use to prevent future recurrences.

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