Facebook continues its attempts to enter the world of hardware since 6 years

Know company Facebook for the first problem in entering the world of devices during 2013, after its partnership with HTC of Taiwan for the manufacture (HTC First), a smart phone one Facebook (Facebook Home) Instead of the interface (Sense) for phones HTC.

Although the company AT&T – which provided the device exclusively in the United States – has sold more than 15 thousand device, it has classified the phone as one of the biggest failures in the tech industry for 2013.

The AT&T plans to turn off the device in response to weak demand by users due to (Facebook Home), and reduced telecommunications company price (HTC First) later from $ 99.99 to $ 0.99 under a two year contract.

It seems that things haven’t changed since then, as announced Facebook earlier this month about the latest lineup of smart speakers to connect to the video (the Portal).

It was reported that the company’s social media cooperate with the maker of Ray-Ban glasses (Ray Ban) to develop a system of augmented reality (AR).

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I tried Facebook continuously throughout the past six years, product version hardware consumers want, but they never go, since it was acquired in the year 2014 on the company Oculus VR for two million dollars.

Explained Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, at the time of the transaction that the company communicate its social ambitions to build a consumer platform next big.

Zuckerberg wrote in the announcement of the acquisition of Oculus: we feel at this stage that we are in a position to focus on the platforms that will come later to enable the experiences of the more useful and entertaining characters. The future is coming and we have a chance to build it together.

The company has issued since then, a set of virtual reality glasses, which did not achieve any great successes.

It was the most successful in this group (Gear VR), a system created by Samsung, which was often granted to consumers who bought Samsung smartphones famous.

Employed Facebook in 2016, Regina Dugan Regina Dugan, former director of the agency for Advanced Research Projects of Defense, or (DARPA), responsible Department of the advanced technology and projects at Google, the founding of the lab focuses on the hardware allows (Building 8).

But quickly the failure of this laboratory, it was reorganized in less than two years, his contribution only is the hardware (Portal), which sold them Facebook 54 a-device of the first generation, issued in 2018.

Despite the objection of Facebook on these estimated figures from market research company idc IDC, but it never presented a number of its own, and refused to do that with the second generation of devices (the Portal).

According to sources, the Facebook development since 2016 the system of enhanced reality, despite the passage of all this time, except that the company has no products to display yet.

And made giant social networking do its utmost to reduce the size of smart glasses to become fully acceptable for consumers, which forced them to cooperate with the parent company for the brand Ray Ban (Ray Ban), but the company does not expect the issuance of a product at any time before 2023.

Has always been a question of entering the Facebook world of devices is a priority for Mark Zuckerberg, where he’s obsessed with the idea that Facebook is a useful tool for its users, according to former employees said in a Facebook work in lab (Building 8).

By working as an auxiliary tool, it will not be able to consumers outside of Facebook and its applications and services multiple because it offers a lot of underlying value.

The company and play a huge role in how to live users for the life of them via the internet at the present time in different ways, as it formed an address book for users, and evaluation of events, photo album, and freelancing,

But Facebook did not succeed until now in the manufacture of devices used by consumers to access their digital lives, and hopes finally to be able to reach this stage through the system of its smart virtual reality.

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