Facebook continues to call the lawsuit a collective because the process of hack last

فيسبوك تواجه دعوات قضائية جماعية بسبب عملية الاختراق الأخيرة

It was the last duty to his Facebook process hack Big announced, with 50 million accounts from users of the product to penetrate through the property “page like ” or what is known as the View as, which it took hackers a security hole through it to penetrate the user accounts, it is clear that the amount of the discomfort of the hack process latest by rights leaders, collaborators in addition to ordinary users won’t go unnoticed, it has filed many lawsuits against the product of social failure to provide necessary measures to protect users.

And exposed the company today to a class action lawsuit filed by a citizen of the state of California and one from Virginia, which claimed all the ladies that the reason behind the latest hack is the lack of Facebook so that the appropriate security to maintain users ‘ data, which show them and others the opportunity to steal their personal information due to such gap.

Proceedings were instituted on 28 September in the District Court of Northern California, where he caught the suit on the allegation that Facebook says the practice of illegal business and World manipulation and the violation of the rights of the rights records of customers in the state, the crew pleaded the suit sought compensation for the damage caused by them to the company and the users of the other two, as well as to provide a secure means to monitor the service credit to cover the costs and attorneys ‘ fees in this case.

According to the Facebook they may have reformed it and log out of all accounts that have been compromised and continued with people through alerts them notify I log in again, however for the moment I don’t have Facebook any information about who was behind this hack, to rage long a wide range of users and officials predict that Facebook is in the process of going to hit a new lose her balance similar to the scandal of Cambridge, uh, set which rendered its credibility with many of users and their negative impact continues today.

Commented attorney general the state of New York Barbie Underwood on the subject on Twitter, saying they’re studying massive breach that exposed user accounts via Facebook, adding that the residents of New York deserve to be assured that their information is being protected, has been a commissioner of the Federal Trade a strong response and simple tweet “I want answers“, and did not stop the chain the pressure on Facebook is this where Senator Mark Warner launched the speech he described the hack back too and called for a full investigation on this matter.

All these new developments about the hack last Facebook reactions angry put the company in culpable directly, with many of the sounds need to move Congress to take action to protect the privacy and security of users of social media effectively.

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