Facebook continues to grow despite the problems

Facebook is experiencing many problems since last year, and appeared campaigns to delete their main application of the smart phones and stop using their products, but the numbers indicate that the company continues to grow, naturally.

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First quarter earnings report was strong, as the number of Facebook users 2.38 million monthly users, an increase of 2.5% from 2.32 million missed in the last quarter of 2018, the company achieved revenue of $ 15.08 billion, up 26% on an annual basis.

The company reported a profit per share amounted to 0.85$. And with that, the dedicated Facebook $ 3 million to cover the fines the Federal Trade Commission potential on investigations and police practices, as without this the fine could be earnings per share of $ 1.89.

In addition, the number of company employees increased by 36% year on year, bringing the total staff to 37773 staff in the Department of security only, and the company’s liquidity offering 45.2 million in cash and securities.

Source: Q1 earnings report

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