Facebook decide to impose constraints on the broadcasting service direct

فيس بوك تقرر فرض قيود على خدمة البث المباشرFacebook decide to impose constraints on the broadcasting service direct

The company said Facebook’s decided to tighten the rules relating to the service, live streaming video, such as a meeting of world leaders aims to curb violence on the internet after the massacre that occurred in New Zealand.

And killed an armed 51 people at a mosque in the city of Christchurch on 15 March and broadcast the attack directly on Facebook. This was the worst shooting experience New Zealand in a time of peace, raised a call for technology firms to do more to fight extremism on its services.

Said Facebook in a statement on Tuesday it will launch the car to use the service (Facebook Live) prohibiting the service temporarily to face strict action for violating the most important rules of the company anywhere on its website.

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The company added that first-time offenders will be prevented from using the service for specific periods, as the company will from the scope of the irregularities know the perpetrator of the suspension entry.

He said the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda are the changes related to the title of a major initiative, known as the ”call Christchurch“, to prevent the spread of violent content on the internet.

She added in an email from its spokesman, ”read the Facebook put restrictions on live broadcasts is a good first step to use the app as a tool in the hands of terrorists shows that it’s being addressed on the invitation of Christchurch“.

Did not specify Facebook the nature of the irregularities know the owner of its new policy and the duration of suspension of service, but a spokeswoman said that the shooter couldn’t have used the live service on his account under the new rules.

The company stated that it intends to expand the scope of the restrictions in the coming weeks, starting with the same people from placing ads on Facebook.

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