Facebook decide to raise the wages of contractors to $ 18 per hour

Think Facebook on a large number of contractors to oversee the content posted on its social network, these contractors are paid monthly wages in the United States at the rate of $ 15 per hour, but that the social network biggest decided to improve their wages increase $ 3 for every hour of work, taking into account the states with a high standard of living where they are paid an additional amount to cover the gap. Begins paying the new wage by the middle of next year and Facebook to develop the same thing with the draft content outside of the United States.

The contractors are mainly to follow up on the content of the publications text, photos, and videos to manage, book and delete anything that violates community standards, and those due to the nature of their work from the stress of a different kind, so you work for Facebook to reward the benefits of additional treatment to improve comfort and to keep them in their jobs necessary for the social network in spite of the great development in artificial intelligence.

Will be $ 18 per hour salary uniform the rest of the United States, but is considered a minimum, with the possibility of its increase to $ 22 in some regions, states, cities like New York and Washington.

And Facebook to watch the content of some of the tools to mitigate the impact of the offending content on mental health, particularly with the review of a tremendous amount of content that should be removed from Facebook like pictures spam.

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