Facebook deduct up to 30% of the subscription fee paid content pages

Can Facebook scale its service for paid content pages Fan Subscriptions with prejudice clear the right of the owners of the page content including the right to use the content of their life span and high commissions up to 30% of the value of subscriptions paid up.

We can say that the Fan Subscriptions the similarity of the site Patreon which allows users to get exclusive content of their own does not appear for the rest of the traffickers in return for paying a monthly fee. And charges site Patreon Commission of only 5% while Facebook is up his commission up to 30%.

The Facebook has announced the feature in March of last year, but it was available for ten pages only in the United States and the United Kingdom. And now began to provide for more pages that you can view paid content to its subscribers for a monthly fee of 4.99 $ and shows next to the name of the Common User icon featured at the comments.

Of course, as a kind of encouragement, don’t accept Facebook is currently a commission for its service, but later on when the official launch will receive a commission of up to 30% as companies do Apple parking during the payment of contributions through the stores of their applications.

It is the conditions are unfair to the owners of the content, to Facebook want to use their content to promote their service even after they have ceased to use the service.

And Facebook is currently the service with a few thousand pages and did not occur after the date of its official launch.

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