Facebook delete 1.5 million video Accident New Zealand terrorist

فيسبوك تحذف 1.5 مليون فيديو لحادث نيوزيلندا الإرهابي

Thar was a lot of noise and interact with the shooting incident criminal Australian people at the factory in New Zealand, which in turn broadcast to do heinous directly on Facebook to enter, to be loaded after hundreds of thousands of times and eat it on the network and downloading from the different accounts even after deleting her Facebook.

After 24 hours of a terrorist incident, police said they had to delete 1.5 million videos uploaded on the network deals with the process of the gruesome murder of the worshippers, and 1.2 million videos of them have been deleted during upload.

This work is considered great for Facebook, which is trying to strengthen its sovereignty in the quality of the content published on the network, especially since videos like contrary to the policy pre-existing.

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