Facebook delete the 2.2 million accounts false during the first three months of 2019

فيسبوك تحذف 2.2 مليار حساب زائف خلال الثلاثة أشهر الأولى من 2019

Revealed Facebook, Inc. report of enforcement of laws and normative, the second as regards climate protection and preservation of environment safe for all users as its policy and its citizens; as stated in its report that it deleted the 2.19 million accounts fake from home during three months of the first year, was created for abusive purposes, where the organization said that most of those accounts have been stopped during the registration process.

Explained Facebook that accounted for 99.8% of those accounts were to get rid of them proactively before reported by users through the software tools available in the home, and are not included in the statistical number of user accounts active daily on the home, which amounted to 2.38 million accounts until the end of March 2019.

Where the ability of the company to the number of accounts pseudo-effective on its social network, representing 5% of the total users i.e., the number reaches 119 million effective account until the time of the issuance of the report, which did not give the reason clearly about increasing the number of accounts pseudo on the product while the A postponed vice president of the company that the increase to practices and commercial activities and the exploitation of a lot of people on this side.

For the control of Facebook to the publications of the users said that it had to delete 65% of the publications that violate its policies, letters of hate by reporting about it in its proactive fight against this kind of publications.

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