Facebook describes the reason for the collection of data when not used its position

What Data Does Facebook Collect When I’m Not Using Facebook, and Why

What Data Does Facebook Collect When I’m Not Using Facebook, and Why

We know for years that Facebook gathers data on Internet users even if they do not have a Facebook account or not they are browsing the site originally, and went out East today to show us a reason to collect this data and what its and how they do what you do the rest of the other companies like Twitter parking.

There is four basic things from which Facebook can collect data about users when not browsing the site or application, namely:

1 – Add-ons Facebook Like button and participate contained in the websites in its pages
2 – log in via Facebook account to be able to use location services without having to create a new account own
3. statistics of Facebook is to allow websites to understand the behaviour of their users better.
4 – Facebook ads tools to measure the performance of advertising campaigns it monitors users ‘ experiences with ads

What you want Facebook to raise here is that they not only collect data on users outside its website, as well as do the locations and applications of major such as Twitter, Pinterest, linkedn, Google, Amazon etc either via buttons to share content or login accounts, and others.

She explained on Facebook why to collect baseline data about the users of websites and other applications even if they didn’t have a Facebook account already.

Police beat and is an example of the mechanism that is browsing the internet from visiting a site through the browser let it be Chrome it the request is sent to the server site and the browser you number the IP address of your site so it knows where to send the content to browse.

The site contains information including the number of IP also the type of operating system and also files and cookies to check if ever visit the site or not. This data is necessary until the site is known how to deal with the user, and no more appropriate languages being vary according to browser and.

Tell Facebook that this is happening with all other services, such as if I watch the video from YouTube out of YouTube it is collected the same data about you and send it to the site even if you don’t have an account with Google.

Obviously Facebook doesn’t sell data to third parties but use them to improve ad targeting and display them. While you can control the data that you share about you, if you are browsing the Facebook website and your account, but it is not possible to move data that allows their participation as long as you’re off-site and account you have.


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