Facebook describes what data is displayed by the advertisers you

As you know that model that you are using Facebook to profit and continue its progress as a company is advertising, since they use the ads as a way to profit the key they need to attract more advertisers to its platform the best way to do that is to know advertisers partner to be already interested in ads the advertiser to this slide, they need to clear the data of the users and thus will come more from the advertisers because they Of course will be sure that their promotional will be achieved.

After the scandal of the Cambridge set of the famous and the Congress, with mark scoring the founder of Facebook, started Facebook series on her own blog entitled tough questions, and published a new report titled wondering: what are the data offered by Facebook ads about me? The answer was as follows.

Your activity on Facebook is the main data source for ads, video for things such as age, gender, and social interests and interact with the pages and don’t, what publications that use the instinct of participation and all those things built on the basis of the Declaration, telling Facebook that this is the key to this because it just scan for all users when it shows you the particular ad and discovered that somehow fits your interest, it doesn’t mean that you the advertiser knows your identity, specifically, as to the truth of this in many services, such as TV, radio etc as claimed.

Also, some advertisers who know in the region, providing Facebook prior information about some of the advertisers have your email or your phone number which they got through the activity you’ve done previously, for example, if you purchase from Amazon or the site of the market of the pile will of course have information about you such as your email or your phone number, if one of the stores that advertise in the Facebook platform and apply Facebook to try to promote have a former clients stay Facebook from former clients via e-mail so you will get ads, You can find advertisers who advertising campaigns by previous information they know about you via the ads preferences in Facebook.

Tell Facebook that there is no way to turn off ads -which means stop the data collection-the ads are the ones that make Facebook a free as it can not be said that Facebook sells data to people as a product, the product is a Facebook platform social network through which relay news and communicate with friends.

But the view of collecting Facebook users ‘ data plan on the issue of advertising in Facebook collects data about users is much broader than being the target marketing.


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