Facebook determined to launch LeBron next year despite the obstacles

Said executive director of the supervisor on the launch of the Facebook digital (Libra) Libra, the newspaper NZZ Swiss: if Facebook is still aiming to launch (LeBron) in the next year, which confirms that the company is going ahead despite opposition from the authorities all over the world for digital.

Since that revealed the giant social networking us about the digital currency in the month of June last, met (LeBron) uncertain regulatory and political, where the Pledge of France, Germany, the Prevention of the action of work in Europe.

Said (David Marcus) of Facebook, the newspaper NZZ in an interview published Friday: “still the goal is to launch the LeBron next year”. He added: “Until then, we will have to address all of the issues appropriately, establishing an appropriate regulatory environment”.

It is believed that Facebook aims through the work of a (LeBron) to increase the spread of crypto-currencies, and it also aims to promote confidence and stabilization in the price volatility that affects currencies encrypted; it makes them not practical for payments.

Marcus said: it’s unlikely to become the currency of (LeBron) a means of payment for real-world organized in countries such as: Switzerland, or Germany, or France, but prefer the use of their payments cross-border, or to settle directly is extremely small.

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As for the reasons the risk of states on the (LeBron) they are concentrated around it may lead to the destabilization of the world financial system, and to intervene in monetary policy of sovereign states and damaging to privacy, in addition to the possibility of their use in money laundering.

Marcus said: he did not believe that the project will interfere with monetary policy, because it will not come with any new funds, and will not affect the interest rates or returns.

Marcus said also: the portfolio (care) Calibra Digital of Facebook – which will allow consumers and sellers to retain digital currency and transactions will be available in every place where they can meet the regulatory requirements. He added that Facebook will not be able to access the data stored on the (care); the newly established.

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