Facebook developed a new tool based on artificial intelligence to combat pornographic content on its platform


Facing the Facebook network using the technology of artificial intelligence to reduce the offending content being uploaded to its platform to ensure that no violation of the guidelines of the network. The company revealed now they use a new tool based on artificial intelligence able to detect the pornographic content of vengeance and reporting proactively.

Be described as pornographic content revenge pictures and videos of intimacy that has been posted to someone without his consent. Has been criminalized in many countries around the world it is clear that this practice is allowed also on social networks. It will guarantee new tool from Facebook to combat this type of content, reporting in advance on the platform of my Facebook instead. Other than the tools of the filter current, you will be able to this tool to find out the pictures and videos that people appear semi-naked. Is to send all the contents of the violation that is discovered by this tool to draft a human for review.

This is a big change in how to deal with things. The Facebook users instead of reporting about the pornographic content of vengeance themselves. On this subject, stated the president of global safety at Facebook Inc., Ms. Antigone Davis said : ” Often victims fear of punishment, so are reluctant to report the content themselves or they’re unaware that he’s been watching the content. “ Thus, will the new tool to improve the mechanism for the automatic reporting of such content and submit it to the staff human for review before informing anybody about it.

Not provided Facebook only a few details about how its new, which is based on artificial intelligence, things that are taken into consideration in order to report a photo or video clip that vendetta porn.

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