Facebook developed camera for the TV for the broadcast content and conduct video chats

Facebook Portal

Facebook appears to be moving more to market the devices. Shortly after the launch for Facebook Portal designed for video chats, it has frequency now that the Facebook company is now working on camera for TV that will allow users to conduct video chats using the screen of their homes. Not only that, it says this device also enable users to broadcast content from Facebook Watch on TV their own.

It is estimated that this device equipped with a camera will sit above the TV and allows to conduct video chats and access to Facebook Watch, which is the designated place for video content of the company. It is estimated that this project uses the same core technology used in a Facebook Portal, as it uses artificial intelligence to find out people and their automatically during their movement in the frame during a video conversation.

I didn’t tell Facebook anything about such a device at the moment. The report says that the company is aiming to launch this product in the spring of next year. Since the device is still under development, it is possible to change the launch date.

There is currently no information about the cost of this device. Before concluding, We would like to point out that these devices will enable Facebook to find a foothold in a market dominated to a large extent companies like Amazon, Roku, and Google through the various products available at different prices. May be the positive side here is that your Facebook will allow users to make video chats, too.


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