Facebook development platform to connect marketers with influencers [leaked images]

Branded Content Matching

Branded Content Matching

Marketing through influencers is one of the most effective tools over the internet today, where companies spend annually hundreds of millions of dollars on a single platform such as Instagram, but the difficulty lies in the process of selecting any of the influential fits your advertising campaign? Facebook has a tool to do so.

Got a website specializing in news facebook the screen shots for the called Branded Content Matching being developed its mission the linkage between marketers and influencers. And home three major advantages, search, suggestion influencers, save lists of influencers.Iand product marketers to develop targeting criteria such as country, gender, age, educational level, etc. and then displays the results of the search for influencers who are able to reach the goal of marketers.

Ranking Facebook search results from influencers according to how they match up to targeting search and access publications and interaction and number of followers, views, and videos.


Because Facebook has enough data about influencers and through your desires and getting in touch with some of you more suggestion for dealing with them and their use in the promotion of your content.

Worth noting that Facebook already hint to such a product when she said she was working on exploring new ways for users to improve income, but this is the first time showing footage of actual water.

Of course there’s no official statement from Facebook confirmed, but is expected to start later tested by circulated to everyone.


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