Facebook different groups subscription offering exclusive content

Will start Facebook in to allow the participation of communities in the social network analysis charge $ 4.99 to $ 29.99 per month to access the Special Collections which include exclusive content.

Currently will not get Facebook on any earnings of these groups, but given that the advantage of billing through the applications imposed in the system of any iOS and Android it will run these operating systems on the 30 per cent of the first years subscription for the user and 15 percent after that.

It uses the Facebook group more than a million users now, says the Director of products at Facebook is that the idea originally came from Project communities, and that it’s not about earning as much money as is invested in communities and content high quality.

This may include the content in the paid version of groups, videos, educational programs and exclusive tips and support directly from the staff themselves according to the theme of each group.

And the user must be in a larger group where the admin have access to the subscription options and invite members to it, will provide them with cards preview describes the exclusive content that they can access and the amount of the costs, and if they want to join and are already a member of certified in the free collection is greater, will be charged the monthly fee and acceptance of the join.

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