Facebook donates a million dollars to Wikimedia

ويكيميديا تطبيق

Announced the organization of the Wikimedia announced that it has donated a million dollars ‘ worth of the giant social networking Facebook in a move hoped to be the beginning of ongoing cooperation to support the future of the encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Dependent organization Wikimedia on voluntary contributions to finance projects that offer their services free of charge to hundreds of millions of users, established two years ago a special fund to collect voluntary contributions and through access to a hundred million, but it achieved half of that goal so far.

The Facebook has recently launched a feature used pages and the content of Wikipedia to provide users with more information about the sources of the articles in the latest news, and for long years were used for social network content free encyclopedia to create pages for topics and world famous.

It is worth mentioning that there are several tech companies, famous donated to the Wikimedia from Amazon that uses their content in the plugin Alexa all from Apple, Qualcomm, Adobe, Netflix and others.

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