Facebook explain how ads are targeted

Amended Facebook terms of service to better the rights of the user, with providing more details about the operations to remove the content, targeting advertising, and intellectual property rights to the users.

According to Facebook, the new terminology does not represent a change in how the organization works effectively, but it aims to give users a clearer picture of the product.

And new items by July 31, noted a spokesperson for Facebook noted that most of the language versions updated are the result of specific work with the European producers.

He said many of the updates are the result of our work with the cooperation network of the European consumer protection, a division of the European Commission.

This comes after it announced the European group for her work with Facebook in the month of April, the company agreed to amend the terms of its publicly before the end of June.

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Dependent updates on the contributions of the ongoing talks with the regulators and policy makers, experts and the protection of the consumer in all around the world.

And Facebook: it’s you want to give users clear explanations and simple about how they work, how to use your personal information, how to earn her money, besides explaining the rights of users on the site.

The agreement is the terms of service of Facebook is notorious for being long and difficult to decrypt, but the European Commission forced the giant social media to clarify that they earn money through selling targeted advertising based on user data.

Adds a section on removing content, language new about (content restriction), and it is likely that this change resulted from recent cases ranked by Facebook objectionable content with the disclaimer, instead of removing it.

In the last section of the appeals process which users can password it if you removed their content.

The company said: if we remove the content which is shared because of a violation of community standards, we will notify you and the options you have available to request further review, unless the violate the terms seriously or repeatedly, or if it might expose us or others to legal liability, or harm to society, our users, or compromising the safety of any of our services or our systems or our products.

Clarifies language new also that users own the the images and content that holds it on Facebook, but they give region permissions to view this content, or even watch it with other products, such as Messenger or Instagram.

The company noted that the process of the disappearance of part of the content fully from the product after it is removed by the user may take up to 90 days, and Facebook – as soon as someone delete part of the content or profile – for the right to display such content and participation.

But may continue the survival of this content and the product for a limited time because of the backup, as it will be this content – in the case of his participation with others – exists to others say to remove it also.

Deals with new terms for more detail about how to use facebook for your personal data to target ads, which is a sensitive point in number of hearings by the Congress.

She said: We do not sell your personal data, but we allow advertisers to tell us things like: the goal of their business, the quality of the audience who want to see their ads, then we show their ads to people who might be interested in.

Recall that Facebook has re-drafted its agreement with users in the month of April in an attempt to facilitate the community’s understanding of this Agreement, and hopes through the new update the interpretation of their future moves better.

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