Facebook faces a fine of more 600 thousand dollars in the United Kingdom because of the scandal privacy


Appeared yesterday reports that the Office of the High Commissioner of the media in the UK has fined a company Facebook about 664 thousand USD equivalent of 500 thousand pounds sterling. UNHCR found that Facebook lacked the privacy required to catch the Cambridge Analytica before it is too late.

The Washington Post reported that the announcement of the fine day is a preliminary step only, and can change the final amount to become larger with the progress of the discussions between the regulatory bodies in the UK and Facebook. It is expected to be released the following report about this issue in the month of October next.

Confessed primarily responsible for privacy on Facebook in a statement that it ” depended on the police to do more to investigate allegations about Cambridge Analytica to take the necessary action in the year 2015 “. Report author of 40 pages which was established by the executive bodies of the British says that Facebook has failed by allowing the Parties to participate with the University of Cambridge to create an application that collects data about Facebook users and their friends.

Will be subject to facebook for further scrutiny by the regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom, including the search for ” evidence to suggest that it was a copy of the data or parts of them and share them with other parties and to transfer them to other systems outside”, although the Cambridge Analytica announced that it has elimination of all data that has been requested to get rid of them.

European regulators have been a lot of pressure on tech companies in recent years. And just yesterday, we saw how to request the competition authority in the European Union from a company Google not to force manufacturers of Android devices to embed the browser Google Chrome and search Google Search in its own hardware in the case if want to use the Google Play Store. You may experience Google heavy fines because of this policy that says European regulators as anti-competitive.



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