Facebook failed to warn users before a breach 2018

Raising users of Facebook, a lawsuit against the largest social network in the world because of a data breach 2018, saying: if Facebook failed to warn them of the risk associated with a login (Facebook Login), even though they protected their employees.

He argued the plaintiffs in the lawsuit that the social network was familiar with the security risks that led to the hack in 2018, but they didn’t warn users of these risks.

And run tool Login to connect users to applications and services external social using login data to Facebook.

And help support the forum, which brought together many of the legal proceedings, about the worst violation of a security to buy Facebook in September of 2018, when he stole the hackers login codes or tokens to access, which allowed them access to nearly 29 million accounts.

Prosecutors said in the filing, the District Court of the U.S. for the Northern District of California in San Francisco: I knew Facebook the existence of a security vulnerability with regards to the symbols representative of the To Get failed to fix for years, in spite of that knowledge.

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They added “has taken Facebook steps to protect his employees from the security risk, but she didn’t care for the vast majority of its users”.

Revealed Facebook about a few details since the detection principle for the attack, saying: it’s impact on a wide range of users, without a breakdown of figures by country.

Got attackers on the details of the profile, such as date of birth; employment; education; religion; types of devices used; and the follow-up and recent searches; the processes of transformation of the site, up to 14 million users.

While the penetration for the 15 million others on the name and contact details, and can attackers see posts and lists of friends; and groups, up approximately 400 thousand users.

She said Facebook back then: they didn’t steal the letters personal or financial data, and be able to access user accounts on other web sites.

Focus eliminate the risk of a tool that provides login to apps and third party services, so that if you have been hacked a user’s account on Facebook, the account of its other may be compromised also.

According to the court files, it was Facebook aware of this danger, they warned their employees of the problem of safety by using the tool to log in, without warning users.

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