Facebook finally learned about the work of their encrypted digital Libra and its Calibra

فيسبوك تعلن أخيرًا عن عملتها الرقمية المشفرة Libra ومحفظتها Calibra

Announced Facebook officially after a long wait and dozens of reports, about the launch of its digital encrypted Libra which comes with the electronic purse on behalf of the Calibra, which I didn’t remember the reports that talked about digital currency. To destroy this company in a new stage of financial transactions, but on a global level and expanded.

She said Facebook established a subsidiary company under the umbrella of its flattened Calibra was established in Geneva, Swiss to be separate in their work and the Centre for financial transactions in the country which offers the facility of a lot on money transfers around the world without taxes and the terms are tough, but at the same time aims to serve the parent company, and the work of Libra is the output for the company during the financial period. Aim through the launch of the currency to facilitate financial transactions and send and receive funds with ease with the participants by supporting a large number of well-known institutions as we mentioned in the previous report.

As a Libra new will be subsidized since its launch in 28 different companies, including Facebook, include: Mastercard, Visa Card, PayPal, an eBay, AWeber, lever, Spotify, Vodafone, stripes, Booking, Coinbase, Xapo Holdings Limited, in addition to Mercy Corp, Kiva, the global banking Alliance for women and others.

And Facebook that the Calibra will be launched officially in 2020, and will service its own digital currency encrypted available on the apps Messenger, WhatsApp, as well as a separate application not. And Libra on the conversion of the dollar into the currency of the digital to send easily around the world but it won’t work the same mechanism of action of encrypted digital current even though it is based on the block Chi, but it could work with some work in the future, according to the company.

And Facebook to exploit its global reach and access to most areas in order to provide a way to transfer funds in a different way from the traditional methods known, namely, that achieved a large proportion of the profit due to the expected number of participants with the launch of the service, but at the same time to save time, effort and money on the millions of people around the world who send remittances continuously; as was the case with the client who send funds to their loved ones in their home countries, or entrepreneurs who receive their fees via money orders, or even institutions that you want to get investment from outside the country.

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