Facebook giants technical oppose restrictions Trump on foreign workers

Provided major technology companies of America, such as Amazon andFacebook, a summary of the legal Day Monday, supports a challenge to the interim imposed by the US President (Donald Trump) on the entry of some foreign workers to keep jobs for Americans during the pandemic MERS-CoV.

In a memo filed in a lawsuit brought by business associations American adults in California, argued companies is that visa restrictions will be American companies, and will encourage employers to hire workers outside the United States, will harm the US economy on the already.

Issued Trump a presidential declaration in the month of June announces the entry of a group of foreign workers until the end of the year, a step he said his administration: it would provide jobs for Americans unemployed amid the economic implications of the epidemic.

Among the war-affected temporary foreign skilled workers who enter the H-1B visas, managers, workers and specialists who transfer within a company Visa L – all types of visas by technology companies. Can the Prohibition of Trump is also entering the seasonal workers visa, H-2B, with the exception of working in supply chain functions food.

In a memorandum submitted on Monday, ignore the companies that the declaration Trump can inflict irreparable harm to the company and the economy in the United States, and is based on “the mistaken assumption” that he will protect American workers.

Came in summary: “competing global in Canada, China, and India, among other countries, take advantage of the opportunity to attract well-trained personnel and creative”. As stated in “corporate America strive for excellence, and employs the talent necessary to work in locations outside the borders of our nation”.

Were Apple, Microsoft, and Netflix are available, and Twitter from among the 52 companies signed the memorandum, which was filed in a lawsuit brought by the National Association of Manufacturers, representing 14,000 member companies, as well as in a similar lawsuit filed in Washington, DC.

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