Facebook groups: the digital home who did not take the right of the report

It is reported that “Facebook groups” of digital products that didn’t take the right of the report, they are better alternative methodologies which the subtleties of its luster in recent years, those forums that were once the best gift we got from the internet, and through we managed to express our views and share our experiences and our experiences with the world, now it is possible to get it all out touring boats by means of several simple (such as blogs and social networks), but the dialogue groups in general and groups Facebook in particular more than all those tools with a mission, namely, cooperation (Collaboration).

Humans deal with each other is what brought us to this point in the course of history, is what has contributed to the construction of civilization and urban, is one of the characteristics that made us the creatures featured, and man is at last a weak creature, feeling really helpless in front of this world and universe is great, but the co-feature allowed him to establish the big cities, with regard to everyone in order to establish life, and through cooperation can The Human to climb to the moon and dreamed of going to Mars, every great project is a result of the costs of the dozens or hundreds of efforts and work, each person weighing in on his area of expertise.

It is true that the trade of digital can’t put a building like, or build a bridge, but it provides the ground for the activity of another type of cooperation, not collaboration efforts on the physical, but the intellectual effort and knowledge, which is certainly more important, because, through those groups can share ideas that can help in the Renaissance of nations, or the participation of useful knowledge, which benefit the engineer and the doctor and the client, and then cooperation will be pragmatic and practical a more effective and meaningful, because it is starting from the basis of robust knowledge.

Groups affect people’s lives.

He says “Alex Dave” project manager of the Facebook groups: “every day when I come to work, I’m trying to find new set meaningful, and every day I find something special,” according to his website (Business Insider), there is no take of active communities and scattered in a wide spectrum of areas, there are also sets idle as well, ease and free to create groups in Facebook that allowed to multiply in no one can count, but the middle of that rubble big there sets were marked and influenced the lives of people dramatically.

There’s a women’s group specializes in bathroom and the food comprises more than half a million subscribers, is where the organization posts new in groups, every week there’s a new batch and each batch has a diet program you must meet him, the group was a twosome of the woman she loved to share her experience and others in relation to weight loss, but now it has become a group of the most active Arab societies and the most interactive, all publications, attend thousands of comments, there is a draft the following questions and the inquiries, although all efforts are individual efforts is voluntary, The group, however, was the cause in changing the lives of a lot of women across the Arab world.

The other group, but only for men, received wide acclaim and received more than a million subscribers in a few months, has become a platform for cooperation and experience exchange between designers both at home and abroad, it became widely known and spread the news until I was forced its founders to transform it to a secret group cannot be found via direct search.

That’s not only simple examples of what can be accomplished through that little Gizmo inside that social network is huge, because as we mentioned tool for development and cooperation, and in the power of the internet itself, over the Internet you’re messing with life and seas meet someone who shares the same interest and cooperate with you to complete the same task, as to the power of Facebook groups from Facebook itself, it is the case that gathers all the users under its umbrella, there is no need to register or create a new account every time to join a new group, simply click on the icon to join and then wait to be approved.

Despite the power of this tool, however, Facebook did not pay them enough attention until recently, has been keen to develop the characteristics of the nurses in the (pages) while the development sector forgot to carry with it (groups), it seems that the management of the network may start this error, what it was to threaten one of her children, loyal and leave him behind without improvement or development, so it has recently announced about the improvements and characteristics of the new help in the management of the communities better.

Finally …

What we really need is proper utilization of this tool, we don’t want to see as much of the diverse groups here and there of that is invaded by the sea and filled its walls with earth, they measured the success of groups number of members, but the size of apples, FRP group where a few hundred better than the other tens of thousands, we want to take the managers of the communities it seriously, to establish groups, and by attention to decent even help change the reality and make a difference in people’s lives, even easy.

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