Facebook has come into conflict judicial because of the logo of the company Calibra

Misfortunes never come! After that withdrew the largest electronic payment of project Libra your Facebook back one of the application of the bank which supports the Current he lifted the lawsuit on the company Calibra director of the project owned by Facebook.

The reason for this lawsuit is a terrible analogy -which might be funny – between Lugo LeBron logo company Current perhaps what makes it worse is that both companies are in the business of money transfer or application of noiseless electronic. Added Current explaining that the similarities between the two brands is very noticeable because the logo Care Bears all the elements of the logo the other! Below is a tweet Karen on Twitter with the sarcastic comment:

If you think it’s funny or ridiculous as even you know that every design, from the design of one company in San Francisco is that Character! Also, he commented CEO and resentful than I did Facebook -whether with or Without – where he said that Facebook possesses a lot of money and resources is huge and sweeping to get Lugo characteristic does not guarantee respect for the brand.

We really don’t know what can end this is for you, but after all the problems encountered LeBron, I don’t think she’s going to tell step change its brand, especially as it didn’t start to work even!

Source: Engadget

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