Facebook has groups and creativity in the Arab world

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Systems Facebook recently the effectiveness of the “employment Forum” which brought together the founders of the groups on Facebook and the makers of content from around the Arab world; to share their experience and Stories of their successes, and review their experience with the advantage of the characteristics of Facebook. These are considered event is the first of its kind in the Arab world. Participants discussed the event many topics, including product reviews, and developers, and manufacturing content and communities. Reviewed the event which was hosted by Facebook, the extent of the capacity of the organization to change the ways in which people communicate across the organization.

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Is considered active communities on Facebook as heart of the technical construction of actual societies in the region, and they enjoy the ability to collect the owners of the common interest is strong and on a personal level in a practical way. During the event honoring a number of school groups from around the region, and what their roles effectively to re-shape communities and make them excited to the rise of its role towards the world around her.

Among the community leaders who participated in the event, the founding team page three Ramadan, who reviewed their experience in upgrading a limited group on Facebook to social mobility actors and the broad popular support the community of Dubai. Nick Watson of team Angel wolf, who reviewed the story of his son, who was driving the President to establish this group inspiring. He also participated in the dialogue and the founder of page Office of information, Jeddah, managers page Dubai need, and group the non-profit Fremont Seiko Abu Dhabi, and other groups on Facebook.

Participated in the event also a group of content makers, who through their creativity to the videos, they succeeded in drawing a smile on the faces of many and encourage them to participate. It has also been a review of rich quality Arabic content which is synthesized in the region, and through the pioneer models, among them Khalid and the Al-amiri, and the US times, gibran Bah, who reviewed their experience with Facebook and how it has helped them reach a global audience.

During the effectiveness of the “recruitment Forum”, rasha ghashghavi, Public Relations Manager at Facebook, Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan said: “the community building is the hub of our work in facebook, and it’s great to see these flagship models, which benefited from the technical problems of their interest with the public, the establishment of new communities and interactive in geographically dispersed locations around the world. Considers story reviewed by the participants, sources of inspiration reflect the technical strength capable of bringing about fundamental changes in our societies. The project targets Facebook users and managers of communities, including help keep people with their communication with their friends around the world, promoting their business, and making a social impact tangible. Today we follow the development of diverse methods applied by the users of the area on the pages of Facebook.”

And guests of the event also, testing the latest properties and techniques of Facebook, including the “Oculus” virtual reality, video 360, in addition to a private corner to broadcast live via Facebook, in order to facilitate an interaction through live video. As the event highlighted the various tools that support the users and the makers of the content, as well as brands and companies, along with the Facebook apps for 164 million users in the Arab world.

This topic Facebook has groups and creativity in the Arab world appeared on Engadget.

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