Facebook imposes new restrictions on city pages

After what you’re going through Facebook through the past period of accusations of violations of privacy which led to company losses of material as a result of the devaluation of the Stock, the company today announced the new procedures would increase the credibility of the site and keep users from exposure to fraud and exploitation.

Have been imposed to the company in accordance with what has been announced today officially at the heart of my big deals in USA traffic on two-step verification two new credibility, and so after carrying out a confirmation on the state of residence for managers.

The company explained that the purpose of these new procedures is to reduce the use of phony accounts in the management of large pages, in addition to requiring managers of large pages add standard security for the account of their own to reduce the chance of their account hacked.

Were not those steps mandatory for all city pages within the United States of America if you’re someone who requires them, it will show you a message when your access to facebook which will take you just a few minutes to complete the process.

It for managers page either about a normal user with right now to know who is the page Manager used by the state of residence in addition to his knowledge in the case of merging more than one page with some and was running the page was built with.

This is a good move by the largest a social networking site in the world, in order to reduce the fraud that is exposed to users heavily these days stealing the large pages region, and of course, taking that step in Facebook American will open the door during the coming period after the success of the experiment and ensure its stability and to operate those procedures for the protection of all institutional managers pages around the world.

As for the site months photo-sharing Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook Inc. also, the company confirms that such actions will be released to him within the next few weeks, aiming to raise the safety standards on all social platforms run by the company which confirms that it will achieve the highest safety standards superior to those of the networks.

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