Facebook Inc plans to launch your own digital currency, according to a new report


May be Bitcoin is a digital currency most popular at the moment, but its certainly not the digital currency only. There are a lot of digital currencies currently in circulation, it now appears that Facebook Inc. is planning to launch their own digital currency. This according to a new report recently released from the location of Cheddar, which he says he heard it from his own sources familiar with the plans of Facebook.

The report claims that Facebook started in the study of technology book series ” block ” about a year ago. It seems that this is in line with an earlier report says that Facebook has created a section of the block own, which now seems to be leading the way for the launch of the digital currency Facebook in the future.

In a statement to Cheddar, the quoted Official Spokesperson in the name of the company, Facebook said : ” like many other companies, targeting Facebook, ways to benefit from the power of technology to block. This group will bring new little piece of many different ideas. We don’t have anything else to share with the media offline “.

However, it seems that Facebook exclude the possibility to be the digital currency part of its future. In one of the conferences earlier this year, stated Deputy Chairman of the Department of Facebook Messenger, Mr. David Marcus said : ” defence operations that use encryption at the moment are too expensive, and too slow, so the different groups that manage different book series ( block ) and different assets you need to fix all the problems, then when we get there someday, maybe we’ll do something “.


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