Facebook introduces a new version of the application “Messenger” to facilitate the use of his

Re Facebook application design Messenger fully, will become the new version which bears the name Messenger 4 gradually at the level of the world in the coming weeks, aims at a new design to make the app easier to use, as it helps the company to profit from the app during the next period.

Said Stan Chudnovsky, vice president of the company of the messenger: “we believe that software Messenger 4 offers the advantages that you require, through simplicity of design, powerful features that set focus on message and communication”.
تحديث ماسنجر
Update Messenger

While the previous version of Messenger contains nine tabs, been intensified in the new version to only three, namely, chat, people USSR.

According to this evaluation, it would be possible for the user to hold conversations in the tab of the chat, while going to be the tab “persons” where to find friends, and watch the story, and active persons, and, finally, will be the tab Discover to deal with commercial activities include games immediate follow news and other things.

تطبيق ماسنجر
Application Messenger

Added Facebook also new ways to customize the conversations, as users can customize the chat using gradations of color, which change as you scroll up and down conversation, and retain features other favorites, including opinion polls, and the ability to share your location, chat video.

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