Facebook introduces feature to cancel the sending of messages within the messenger

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I started Facebook in new feature consists in the possibility to cancel the sending of messages within the messaging platform Messenger Facebook Messenger to users of devices operating systems Android and iOS in a few countries, the initial information for this feature had appeared in the month of April of this year, where she was planning on Facebook to launch after several experiments, as featured screen shots of Water new over the past few weeks.

Water is available at present, new users in Colombia, Poland, Bolivia and Lithuania only, but is expected to be put up in other parts of the world soon, where they allow water users to remove any kind of messages sent from the fund to the recipient within 10 minutes of dispatch, including text messages, chat and group photos, videos, links, etc.

And maintains a Facebook message deleted for a little while longer, so that he can check the content of the deleted message in case of receiving a communication abuse and the violation of our site policies, users can use the feature known as “Remove for Everyone” in order to correct a mistake or delete something that was sent by mistake, but the user can’t modify the ancient history.

Continues to Facebook Save feature delete the old, so that the sender can delete the message sent from his mailbox but it will still be in the inbox of the recipient, the information indicates that Facebook is also working on related features such as the ability to set the expiration date of the messages or the chat logs after a specific period of time, although this feature may be really useful to maintain privacy, but the organization must ensure that is not misused.

Said Stan Chudnovsky Stan Chudnowsky, product manager for messenger within the company: “there are a lot of pros for this feature such as allowing users to control send and delete the message in case of error in order to correct them, as there are a lot of cases of acceptable use that we provided, but we need to make sure that we don’t open any new doors for learning, we also need to make sure that people don’t send you abusive messages then deletes them because you’re so informed about them and there were no messages we can’t do anything”.

Relieve water current from that used to delete messages CEO Mark Zuckerberg old in secret seven months ago, since those messages weren’t restricted to a time limit of 10 minutes, and that the process of deletion didn’t leave a “landmark”, a remark that usually indicate that the message had been deleted, which was then a violation of the trust of the user, misuse of the authority of the company given that the users did not have any way to cancel the sending of messages.

She alleged Facebook was that this move was to protect the privacy of their directors, executives and trade secrets of the company, since the organization after hacked emails of Sony Pictures in 2014 a number of changes to protect communications executives, including the reduction of the retention period of the messages of the chief executive of the company within the messenger.

Said Stan Chudnovsky: “we waited so long before asking this feature because it was difficult to be implemented given the way the work of the messenger, as we were worried about the dangers of the conflict which will show up as although they look very simple, but its collide many of the obstacles of technology and philosophy, so that once you reach the level of 1.3 million users around the world, the change from a model to another is more complicated”.

The gate Arab News Technical Facebook introduces feature to cancel the sending of messages within the messenger

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