Facebook is a commission for the control of the quality and validity of the content published on the network

فيسبوك تشكل لجنة للتحكم في نوعية وصلاحية المحتوى المنشور على الشبكة

Facebook Inc. has announced the largest media platform in the world for promoting its work to improve the quality of the content published on its network, after the many problems she had suffered recently due to the exchange provisions, which launches on content through to delete the video without a clear mechanism.

The company said it will work during the next six months on the appointment of the committee of Board of directors independent experts around the world to develop laws and policies for the deployment of the content, which is what makes the rules clear to everyone. Will the new administration responsible for content identify appropriate content to keep the content allied to delete it.

Will Facebook in the coming period workshops in different parts of the world to examine the quality of appropriate content, as well as the views of people about the best ways to measure content, as well as to determine the quality of the elected members to manage content.

Was Facebook you sometimes delete a photo of someone specific on the example of a person’s account of Egypt, at the same time leave the same picture in the case of posting by a Saudi thus, sparking a lot of criticism because of the lack of clear policy deployment and quality of the offending content at the same time, the company’s cooperation with the people based on religion and science. But with the new company will remain the responsibility from the shoulders of its public and civil institutions.

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