Facebook is cheapening the complexity of the application Messenger through 2018

Company seeks Facebook through 2018 to simplify the experience of applying Messenger remove more non-useful.

I tried Facebook over the past two years converting the messaging application Instant Messenger, which has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users, the platform Frequent problem, but it was so expensive price, which is what I realized the company finally decided to fix it in 2018.

But what a high price incurred by messinger? Said the head of Messenger at Facebook, David Marcus, on Tuesday, the app has become completed auction, so the company will work during the current year to simplify the user experience.

Added Marcus in the publication: “over the past two years, we have built a lot of capacity to find features that continue to make us special. To many of them his way in the market, didn’t do others. While our race to build these new features, the app has become so confused. Expect to see us invest aggressively in streamlining and facilitating the experience of the messenger during the current year”.

In addition to simplifying the user experience, Marcus said a number of changes that will be experienced by the application Messenger through 2018, including: more of the capabilities of messaging and visual, and use messenger to communicate with commercial enterprises, along with some new features to the talks Friday.

It also seeks Facebook to strengthen the capacity of bots mechanism, which has arrived to the app the first time, in April 2016. Since then, the number of bot third party on the application of more than 200,000, including bots, to bot games, marketing, etc.

Referred to the application of the messenger have seen over the past year a number of changes, including tab Discover to find the boots best suited, in addition to showing ads on the main page, and expand the possibility of payment between individuals, and of course don’t forget the feature “story”.

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Source: Facebook is cheapening the complexity of the application Messenger through 2018

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