Facebook is collaborating with Ray-Ban to produce a system of enhanced reality, alternative smartphone

The system of Facebook is supposed to be ready in the next five years and conduct calls away from the use of smart phones

فيس بوك تتعاون مع راي بان لإنتاج نظارة واقع معزز بديلة للهاتف الذكي

Report network CNBC for company Facebook with a company Luxottica-owner of global brand Ray-Ban“, in the midst of its quest to launch a system of enhanced reality in the coming years.

According to the report, the system which is working on Facebook more than two years ago you know in the corridors of the police as symbolic of Orion, which is intended to be a substitute for smartphones to make the contacts and receive independently.

Where she hopes the owner of the social network the biggest in the world to exploit this partnership with Ray-Ban in order to export system in the period to the consumer in the period between 2023-2025.

It is expected that the glasses are able to make and receive calls and with the full on the phone, in addition to display some information via a small screen for its users will also share the live broadcast that the user is watching with friends in a social network.

This comes at a time where you work on Facebook on the development of intelligent assistant systems support and execution of user commands audio through, in addition to testing the company, Flying other device that will allow the user to attach the information via sensor movement.

In spite of what was contained in the report of CNBC however, there are no real guarantees to see this light in time or even after, only the desire of the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg made on the launch of this product to the public, which has already expressed strong interest in this aspect on many occasions .

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