Facebook is considered by allowing for”Netflix” and”Spotify” and others share messages to users!

Recognition of the confusing statements made by the management of Facebook lately, and has approved by allowing other companies, such as Netflix, Spotify, with millions of messages from the leader of the site, in a new blow to the peculiarities of the social media platform most popular.

Facebook depends

I think another a new scandal, this is what it looks like with the adoption of Management Facebook finally, by allowing for technical proximity, such as Netflix, Spotify, by reading millions of text messages to your users, where came the recognition of the site of Facebook to those actually interested in privacy, yet to be revealed New York Times reported a few hours ago.

It was the New York Times has prepared a report, made it clear that Facebook did not hesitate to share user data with its partners from other international companies since long years, which responded for you to manage social networking site of the most famous, the acknowledgement of its occurrence already.

She explained the American press tradition that the service Spotify music, for example, allowed the participation of private messages by more than 70 million subscribers to Facebook in a month, emphasizing that all of the Netflix and Bank of Royal Canadian of course Spotify, they can all read, cancel or even modify users ‘ messages if they want.

No longer that curiosity is the first for Facebook, in relation to the privacy of users, where still the management of the site of the famous alliance in the case of the Cambridge Analytica, own leaked data to tens of millions of visitors to the website in March, a sign of the crisis of the hacked data of around 50 million joint account, in the month of September of the current year also.

The comments of the other parties

For their part, in response to that the recent scandal, officials confirmed on both Spotify and Netflix, are not aware of the existence of such a permission to open the users ‘ messages from the foundation, where they indicated that they didn’t say they ever violate the privacy of private messages to users, in the absence of access to complaints for the film you belong to any kind of abuse of users in this regard.

Following the official spokesperson for Netflix on it saying: “over the years, the management at Netflix to make the service more popular, so we launched the service to subscribers in 2014, allow them to nominate the best movies and series opposition on the network to friends via Facebook through private messages”, explaining: “the lack of success of this feature prompted us to stop its operation in the year 2015, so whether during that period or what is causing it, we didn’t follow the messages of Facebook users, but did not call this day”.

It is worth noting that the current officials or even former Facebook, has suggested that the news is not good news for the users, with their appearance on the hands of the New York Times, where the chirp of the privacy official Arena on-site, Alex Stamos, via Twitter , saying: “sorry to say this, but the availability of data to third parties is at the heart of strong competition, so all of what the New York Times of attempts for conversion of this into a global scandal, is the fatal error from her side”.

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