Facebook is considered exposed for the hack

The company adopted Facebook a little while ago that the reason for the logging out of accounts was to secure the users as a precaution after the leak of data of 50 million accounts for the site at the discretion of the company.

The company said in an official statement it learned of the hacking since the days of the to provide stop gap equal to it and the authorities happen to her in didn’t know about it only after taking out about 90 million people from their accounts this morning to marvel at the beauty of it, which has become now justified.

She said Facebook she’s still in the preliminary stages of the disclosure of the identity of the inventor or inventors where they are and even this moment I do not know much about the attack long-the company’s servers and led to the theft of data entry user accounts.

And.Produce a crisis Facebook with influence in the electoral campaign for the Russian presidency last and heal the company from the hit Cambridge sales so far. The crisis Cambridge sales have hit Facebook in early this year where it was leaked that Facebook caused the leak of data of 50 million dollars to be used for electoral purposes in favor of a campaign to Trump the current president of the United States, a number that was corrected to 80 million.

The crisis led to a campaign against Facebook and the accountability of the authorities of the American where you don’t have Facebook ill apologize for what happened to justify that the purpose for installation of data users we all knew before is the misuse of users ‘ data.

It is then and download Facebook in to please everyone in any way possible from the advantages to greater transparency when using different platforms owned by Facebook, but there seems to be a new crisis on the verge of ignition again.

And Zuckerberg has said that Facebook is responsible for the protection of users and they can not provide services to them and their confidence that it did not provide for the protection of these data as part of one of his comments after the crisis, Cambridge sales.

Led crisis Cambridge sales to a direct reduction in the stock of Facebook, where he lost Zuckerberg a very large sum within hours and even now we don’t know the consequences of this hack on the company that I preferred to think of it myself before that is leaked by any other party and inspect it more closely.

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